LabWest minerals analysis
Surface exploration necessitates careful sample handling and meticulous analysis, to ensure that small anomalies are discriminated and contamination is avoided. LabWest specialises in these areas and can assist you in determining the best approach for your samples.
Microwave-assisted Aqua-regia Extraction
LabWest has developed microwave-assisted digestion techniques to obtain maximum recovery of metals from geochemical samples, with negligible loss of volatiles and no cross-contamination. Our microwave-assisted aqua-regia digestion (scheme code MAR) is a first- class exploration tool, giving a degree of confidence in results that is not easily obtainable with traditional hotplate or hotbox techniques. Very low detection limits are obtained with current-generation ICP-MS. LabWest Code MAR-01 20 elements LabWest Code MAR-04 44 elements LabWest Code EXPRESS AU+20 20 multielements plus Au
MAR Analyte Table
Partial-Leach Extraction
Our partial leach extractions cover most requirements, from very benign (water leach), through broad-spectrum chelating (WPL-01) to aggressive (aqua-regia). Other leaches are available on request. LabWest Code WCN-500 Cyanide extraction of 500g sample - Au, Cu. LabWest Code WPL-01 Broad-spectrum modified CN leach LabWest Code WPL-02 Water leach LabWest Code WPL-03 Sodium pyrophosphate leach LabWest Code WPL-04 Hydroxylamine hydrochloride leach
Partial-Leach Analyte Table