LabWest minerals analysis
Our near-surface exploration analysis techniques are designed for excellent recovery of base- and trace-elements from regolith materials. These are ideal for products from shallow drilling, such as aircore, rotary-air-blast and auger samples.
Microwave-assisted Aqua-regia Extraction
LabWest has developed microwave-assisted digestion techniques to obtain maximum recovery of metals from geochemical samples, with negligible loss of volatiles and no cross-contamination. Our microwave-assisted aqua-regia digestion (scheme code MAR) is a first- class exploration tool, giving a degree of confidence in results that is not easily obtainable with traditional hotplate or hotbox techniques. Very low detection limits are obtained with current-generation ICP-MS. LabWest Code MAR-01 20 elements LabWest Code MAR-04 44 elements
MAR Analyte Table
Commodity-Specific Exploration Packages
In consultation with leading geoscientists we have developed analysis suites that will meet the specific needs of explorers for various commodities. Gold Exploration: Click Here for gold-specific techniques Gold and Base-Metals: LabWest Code EXPRESS AU+20 20 multielements by MAR plus Au (0.5ppb)   Ag As Au Bi Ca Co Cr Cu Fe Hg In   Mn Mo Ni Pb Sb Te Tl U W Zn Uranium Exploration: LabWest Code MMA-01U 21 elements, by HF/Total digestion   Ag As Ba Ca Co Cu Fe K Li Mo Ni   P Pb S Se Th Ti U V Y Zn Iron Exploration: LabWest Code MIO-01 Major oxides by HF/Total digestion   Fe Al 2 O 3  CaO K 2 O Na 2 O MgO   MnO P S SiO 2  TiO 2  LOI