LabWest minerals analysis
Microwave-Assisted Total Digestion
MMA-04 Analyte Table
LabWest’s microwave-assisted total digestion gives lower detection limits and higher recovery of metals than traditional techniques. This leads to a cost-effective, sensitive solution for lithogeochem and exploration purposes that require a broad-spectrum, high recovery analysis. LabWest Code MMA-04 60 elements
AF-04 Analyte Table
Alkaline Fusion
Where total recovery of highly refractive species (eg. Zr, Ta, Nb, Hf minerals) or silica is essential, an alkaline fusion technique is recommended. The pulverised sample is fused with an alkaline salt at high temperature then dissolved in acid. Elemental determination is performed using ICP-OES and ICP-MS to give low detection limits. LabWest Code AF-04 58 elements
Our whole-rock analysis techniques are designed for total recovery of rock-forming and refractory materials. Excellent detection limits can be attained by coupling microwave-assisted, HF-based digestion with state-of-the-art ICP-MS determination.