LabWest minerals analysis
Our techniques for detection of gold are optimised for surface and near-surface exploration, where anomalies can be very small, and signal discrimination is paramount. Our processes are designed to minimise the possibility of contamination, from barren-washing of pulveriser bowls during sample preparation through to use of disposable vessels for all stages of digestion and analysis. Current-generation ICP-mass spectrometry (ICPMS) is used for elemental determination, yielding reliable sub-part per billion detection limits.
Aqua-regia extraction
Cyanide extraction
Our aqua-regia extraction was purpose-designed for geochemical exploration. The recovery of gold from regolith materials is excellent, and the technique is very sensitive. Sample masses of 25g or 40g are typically taken from the pulverised or screened bulk for analysis. LabWest Codes WAR-25 and WAR-40 Au - 0.5ppb detection limit.
Oxidised surface materials such as stream sediments containing free gold, are well suited to cyanide extraction techniques. The use of a larger sample (500g) ameliorates nugget-effect to a large degree. Cyanide dissolves very little of the surrounding matrix, and excellent detection limits can be obtained. LabWest Code WCN-500 Au - 0.01ppb detection limit.
Our EXPRESS GOLD+20 package is a targeted gold/base-metals exploration suite that yields excellent detection limits for gold and indicator metals. It  combines the WAR-25 gold analysis with a selection of 20 elements from the MAR multielement digest. Click here to see the MAR element table.
Multielement Gold Exploration Package